a hundred years

you lean closer, losing
the distant shore as the setting
sun turns the sea
into rose water

laughter dissipates
against the receding tide, and
cream-colored seagulls soften the shoreline
the breeze brushes your lips,
and this moment
seems to exist for an eternity

it’s a secret
wish, but i could live forever
in this instance. time quietly cradled
and sleeping in joyful hibernation

the Hudson waters frozen, and each
passerby forever forced to hold
their current pose.
Fall won’t ever fade
and Winter would become just a myth
we tell to our weary-eyed children
as they drift off to sleep

yes, i’d like to keep us
here, in this fixed state
of splendor. yet
we both know that these silent twilight
streets would soon lose their luster

so come, let us tether ourselves
to adventure, seize tomorrow
instead of repeating today.
you can wipe your tears away, my dear
we’ll share our lives
together now
just as we share our name

(new york, new york)

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